Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence: ECO is a single end-to-end digital platform combining all planning and operation cycles.

The well, drilling contractor and operator are combined for the first time in a single information environment. Now the well can truly be called smart.


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TechCorr is highly experienced in providing Advanced Non-Destructive Testing, Corrosion Surveys, Corrosion Under Insulation Programs, Online Robotic Tank Inspections, Pipelines, Tanks and Oilfield Integrity and RBI Software’s to identify problem areas and recommend solutions. Our clients benefit from the complimentary services and technical experiences to improve productivity and maximize the effectiveness of their inspection budgets.

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The safest robotic experience

A different approach, using a new method of cleaning.

Robots execute tasks with reliable consistency. So your staff can focus on deep cleaning activities or other core tasks. Since robotic cleaning machines are equipped with data capture technology, you’ll have peace of mind and can easily verify that cleaning has been done and completed correctly.


80% Elimination of Risks

70% Productivity Increase

One and Only Robotic Tank Cleaning, Blasting & Coating

  • 100% Real Time Robotic storage tanks inspection, cleaning, sand-blasting and coating
  • Ability to service tanks while the tank remains
  • Submerged In Refined Petroleum Products.
  • Equipment with latest Ultrasonic Technology
  • Color High Resolution Video Camera

Internet of Things

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Digital Safety Solutions

Implementing hardware tags to identify clothing and personnel at different points in an infrastructure to prevent not only the misplacement of personnel, but also any combination of items and personnel carrying the necessary equipment before allowing access to areas where it is required. CCTV image analysis provides complementary data


All data is certified and sent to the blockchain to ensure immutability and transparency for real-time analysis, traceability and post-analysis of any kind

Air Sterilizing


AQMC technology is based on the most natural process on Earth

As the Sun rises each day it showers the Earth with electrons, and we all know that sunshine kills bacteria, viruses and odors! This natural chemical reaction we witness each day consists of adding electrons to ambient oxygen molecules, which (as a result) magnetize and create oxygen clusters. That is the reason the outside air is "fresh" and "clean" because magnetized oxygen clusters react with all pathogens (viruses and bacteria) and odors (gases) to eliminate them; in essence, the sun rays effectively magnetize the air, creating natural oxygen clusters. Our process is exactly the same! As the air passes over the AQMC systems, electrons are released into the air around it, adding electrons to ambient oxygen molecules, magnetizing them and creating oxygen clusters. We are effectively recreating the most natural, and oldest of processes on Earth, in a controlled way to target the odors, viruses, bacteria, gases and pathogens. Before any living creatures existed on the planet, this process was taking place on a chemical level for billions of years. As was done then, so many years ago, oxygen clusters perform the same role today on Earth, and our proprietary technology enables this same process to be recreated with AQMC systems wherever we are fortunate enough to be.AQMC technology does not use any filters or potentially harmful UV lights, we do not need chemicals to be refilled or environmentally unfriendly consumables to be used, we require only ambient air to generate oxygen clusters and recreate the chemical reaction of the Sun. As such the application of the AQMC technology and process is similar across industries and across various different applications. Same as the Sun removes bacteria and viruses from anything exposed to its rays, AQMC equipment deals with any and all pathogens, gases, odors and bacteria the same, making it an ideal solution for any problem that involves odor, gas, bacteria and viruses across any industry. And, unlike other options in the market, the AQMC process is 100% safe for living beings, as is the sunshine outside.Given that more than 90% of our lives are spent indoors, Indoor Air Quality is critical to leading a healthy life. Less sickness, less allergies, less pathogens and allergens in the air, healthier indoor environments result in happier and healthier lives. AQMC is your trusted partner in ensuring the air you breathe is free of pathogens, dangerous gases and odor.
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PTC Supplies

Hand Tools


Ronix is a German tool brand founded in 2004 with the aim of producing high-quality tools in different categories. With 3 main offices in Germany, U.A.E. and China, Ronix supplies more than 90 countries around the world.

Industrial Chemicals


Choose from a variety of efficient applications specifically for the oil & gas sector. Prevent rust and corrosion with our water and solvent based products. You can even reform old rusted surfaces into primer by using our water based formula of rust converter technology. These coatings are designed to provide hydrophobic and chemicals resistant states on surfaces under high exposure to the elements.



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